Official Welcome!

Hi everyone! Officially, stupendously, fabulously, WELCOME to Dolls and Then Some!!!


(Maggie in front of a wheel. Because yeah.)

My name is Shai Wilson, and I’m a doll-crazy girl who has, well, dolls. Welcome!

Dolls and Then Some is a rather crazy (and awesome) blog about dolls.


About me: I play the piano and love to walk around the house singing. I like ballet (but am probably not very good.) I am on my school’s cross country team and I love dolls!

I’m also obsessed with Harry Potter (I’m a Ravenclaw). Oh, and I’m a nerd. So.


Here are my three eighteen inch dolls. They will be the main focus of the blog.

Maggie is the redhead in the pink sweater. I got her for my birthday/Christmas in 2010. She’s a MAG #33.

Lucy is the blond in the middle. She is an Our Generation doll (Ruby originally, I think) that I rescued from a thrift store in May of 2013.

Addy is the doll in the front. I bought her with some birthday/Christmas money in January of 2013. She is an Addy historical doll.

I also have 3 American Girl minis, 2 Lillian Vernon minis, one unknown brand baby doll, six Barbies, one La Dee Da doll, and one Pinkie Cooper doll. They will show up (especially Pinkie), but mostly it’ll be Maggie, Lucy, and Addy running this show.

So WELCOME, WELCOME, WELCOME and enjoy my blog!

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Thank you for wanting to comment on my blog, but please don't post anything mean or offensive! Thanks!

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