Review: Isabelle’s Movie!

Today seemed like a good time to review Isabelle’s movie. It’s been out for 8 days, so a lot of people have seen it, but some may not have. Maybe you recorded it, or bought it, or plan on renting. Whatever the case (and if you’ve already seen it!) reviews are FUN!


So, did I like the movie?

Well, I watched it twice, so yes!!!!


1. The Music!

As a piano player and a member of my school’s band, music is a huge thing in my life. And this music did not disappoint! I especially liked “You Are Your Own Star”, “Altitude”, and “Isabelle’s Nutcracker Remix.” All of the songs were FABULOUS, though, especially the one that plays when Isabelle is trying to get the steps for the party scene right.

2. The Dancing!

All of the dancers in the movie were REALLY good! And the dances…. Fun! I really liked the Halloween dance (I recommend going to because it has a video of the choreographer talking about how they did the skeletons for the dance). I also loved the BFF dance and the dance battle scene.

3. The Acting!

The actresses who played Isabelle and Jade (Erin and Grace) were good! They really acted like sisters and I legitimately cried during their two fights, they seemed so real. And Regina? She was, although mean, very lifelike!

4. The Costumes!

Unlike in the Saige movie, where the costumes seemed unrealistic for 9 and 10 year olds, this movie had good costumes that reminded me of things that I wore when I was that age. It hit just the right spot!

5. The Message!

It was a really good message, to be yourself and to stand up for yourself.


And, of course, the Cons:

1. Book Accuracy

I haven’t read the books, but my friend who I watched it with the second time has and she said that it wasn’t totally true to the books and left out the last book a bit. I read the backs of the books, and, well, I’d have to agree.

2. Not Enough Design

Isabelle’s designing side should have been shown more, as it’s an important part of her character.

3. The Cat…. Was Not There!

Remember Tutu, Isabelle’s cat?

Not in the movie. At all. Neither was her design studio… (And they put all of her clothes in the movie!)



I give it an 8.5 out of 10, an A- or a B+. It was very good, but I thought that the flaws were just enough to bring it down a notch or two. Plus, adults would have trouble with the acting, which is geared toward children. But me? I loved it! Definitely recommended!

Oh, and fun fact:

When I was younger, I danced in a production of the Nutcracker! I was a Christmas tree.

I also sang with the choir for a musical version of the Nutcracker at my school!

Now, I leave you with a poll about the Isabelle movie:

Have fun and stay fabulous!

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