Meet the Minis!


So today’s post is all about…..


I have three: Molly, Cecile, and Marie-Grace.


photo 3 (2)

This is Marie-Grace. My parents got her for me from the American Girl Sale in August of 2014. She and Cecile are probably my favorites. I love her hair, it is so soft and the braids are pretty!

She is Maggie’s doll.


photo 1 (2)

This is Molly. She is Pleasant Company (after they stopped doing inset eyes). I got her from a thrift store in June/July of 2013. She didn’t come with her skirt, glasses, or hair in braids, so her hair is braided back, she doesn’t wear glasses, and I made her a skirt.

She is Lucy’s doll.



This is Cecile. I bought her with some Christmas money in January of 2014. I love her hair and how silky her dress is!

She is Addy’s doll.


I hope you liked meeting my mini dolls!

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