Falling For Style: Half-Up Braid


Hi folks! Things have been a tad dead around here at Dolls and Then Some, and I’m super sorry. Last week started off with a family emergency and yesterday I ran a 5k. Yep, crazy…. Thus is life.

However, as one of my teachers so eloquently pointed out on September 23, fall is here! Fall just so happens to be my favorite season. Why? Because:

Pretty color, leave piles, HALLOWEEN (I’m going to be Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas), Thanksgiving, my birthday, and Maggie’s birthday.

Then, of course, there’s the fashion. You have to compensate for days when it might be cold and hot, and you have to improvise. So. Enter our newest (and first) post series:

Falling For Style.

It’s a full-fall feature, which will end on December 20, as December 21st is the first day of winter. It’s all about fashion, and will include: Doll hairstyles, fun clothes and accesory crafts, and outfits of the day. Be prepared to be fall-ified.

Our first post is a quick, cute hairstyle: The Half-Up Braid.

photo 3

Addy will be our model today! Let’s get started!

To accomplish this hairstyle, you will need:

-A floppy ribbon

-A hair tie

-An elastic

-A hairbrush or pick (not shown)

photo 2 copy

Step One: Brush or pick out your doll’s hair all nice and pretty 🙂

photo 1 copy

Step Two: Pull it back into a half ponytail with your hair tie.

photo 3 copy

Step Three: Braid the half ponytail and tie it off at the end with the elastic.

photo 4

Step Four: Tie the floppy ribbon in a big, floppy bow at the top where the ponytail was made!

photo 2

And that’s it! You’re done!

Addy loves this because it’s pulled away from your face (good for seeing the board in class), but it’s down, to keep your neck warm in the chilly air! Also, the bow and the braid add a sweet touch. (Like Addy’s infinity scarf? I made it from an old tee shirt!)

photo 3

Well, folks, I hoped y’all liked the first ever Falling For Style post, and there will be many more to come! 🙂 Happy Fall!

Signature 2

With some help from her expert model,

Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 11.35.16 AM


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