This is Halloween, this is Halloween, this is Halloween, Halloween, Halloween, HALLOWEEN!

That’s right, folks, it’s October. And AOOGA, AOOGA, here Dolls and Then Some comes, blasting our way in. You may notice the “Nightmare Before Christmas” reference at the beginning of this post. You may notice my new, special Halloween signature, among other things, such as our fabulous new owl theme, which is perfect. 🙂 Because owls are scary… Right?

Today, Lucy decided that you had to meet her dearest friend, Oogey Boogey.

photo 1

Yes, he’s a Nightmare Before Christmas Mystery Mini (made by Funko, the same people who do the Funko Pops. I got him at Barnes and Noble.) And he’s totally adorable! 🙂

As soon as he arrived home, Lucy claimed  him as her own. Aren’t they cute?

photo 2

I can’t get over how cute this evil villain is! Especially with my darling dolly.

photo 5

I love this pair, and this totally kicks off the month of October (or Halloween Month, as I like to say) perfectly! At least, I think so.

photo 4

Have a happy beginning of October, and enjoy my new signature! 🙂 (this is a special October one, it’ll go back to normal, along with the theme, in November :P)


P.S. I won’t be posting this weekend, but look out soon for a totally epic post involving Addy!


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