My Trip to the (Yes, No Joke!) Chicago American Girl Store!

So, I had a pretty BOSS trip to Chicago recently that I wanted to tell y’all all about!

I ate way too much food, went shopping, and went to a planetarium. Basically, I had TONS OF FUN!

But, of course, one of my favorite parts was my trip to the Chicago American Girl store, which I have actually already been to, back in 2012. (I’ve been to 3 AG stores: This one, New York, and St. Louis)

Back to the story.

First up, I brought Addy. Here she is, posing beside the BeForever Addy, who had lined, not feathered brows. (The new Addy is supposed to have feathered ones….) OH WELL!

photo 1

Next up, the little Addy “room” display. (They also had an interactive one for some of the historicals, including an EGG CHAIR OF JULIE’S that you could sit in!!!!!!!

photo 2

(And yes, there was an IPad. There was one for every doll, so you could explore their world.)

Then, the big Addy display 🙂 YAYAY ADDY

photo 3

I took a picture of Samantha’s display, too, since she’s the newest historical. Well, sort of.

photo 5

And, my favorite of Samantha’s outfits, the FRILLY FROCK!

photo 1

Okay, I love this display. All of  the historicals are having a party!

photo 4

(The historicals, some of Isabelle’s stuff, and a bit of Bitty, along with the books, was on the first floor.)

You ride the escalator up to the modern floor, and here’s what was on the wall:

photo 3

No, I didn’t bring Maggie with me! But here’s another #33, on display, being her doppelgänger:

photo 2

The Two-In-One Track Outfit, which as a runner I adore:

photo 4

The piano, which as a long time pianist I adore:

photo 5

And of course, the old girls of the years:

photo 1

photo 2

Now, I’m sure y’all are dying to know: What did I get?

First, Addy’s new meet outfit!

photo 1

Second,  the Polka-Dot Raincoat:

photo 2

And third, Addy’s journey book!

photo 3

Detailed reviews are to follow, but for now, this will suffice, folks! Stay fabulous!



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