Falling For Style: Seven Days, Ten Items


A new month, a new Falling for Style!

Before we begin, though, I would like to point out a few quick changes. We’re to a non Halloween theme, and I love the animals in it. How does one say, adorable? I’m also back to my normal signature.

So, as they say in Narnia, further up and further in!

Today’s post is a Seven Days, Ten Items. The premise: ten pieces of doll clothing, and seven days of doll outfits. Here goes nothing!

I am using a skirt, a pair of leggings, a pair of tights, a pair of shoes, a headband, a pair of shorts, a t-shirt, a dress, a jacket, and a hat.

The skirt, leggings, shoes, shorts, t-shirt, and jacket are from American Girl. The tights are from Kingsgate Collection. The headband was made by me, and the hat was made by my grandma.


photo 1 copy


Day One: Go for cute, yet functional. Wear your shirt and leggings, with the skirt over them, and, of course, the shoes on your feet! Repurpose the headband as a scarf for some extra style points.

photo 1


Day Two: Gosh, it’s getting chilly! Change into tights, keeping the shoes, shirt, and skirt intact, but then cover up with a cozy jacket. Repurpose the leggings as a headband, because you never know when you might need hair out of your face!


photo 3


Day Three: Getting glamorous has never been easier. Throw on your dress and shoes, and then repurpose the rest. Use the headband as a scarf, the leggings as a shrug, and the tights as a headband!

photo 4

Day Four: Keep it chic. Pop on your tights and shoes under your shorts, with a cute tee on top, and finish it with a neat hat.

photo 2 copy 2

Day Five: Adorable schoolgirl, anyone? Throw on your dress and shoes, and pop on a headband for some last minute fabulous.

photo 2 copy

Day Six: The fashion gets higher every day. Throw on your skirt and shoes, leave your tee, but add a jacket. The hat is the perfect finishing touch!

photo 3 copy

Day Seven: It’s time to tone down the fashion. Add your leggings and shoes to the tee, and then simply put on your headband. Look: perfection.


photo 5


I hope y’all enjoyed that Seven Days, Ten Items! Stay glamorous! (and warm :P)

❤ y’all bunches,

Signature 2


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