Pumpkins, Letting It Go, and Ukuleles (AKA What Has Been Going On at DATS)

Yo!!! The new year has begun! And thus, it is update time. Grace? I like her. I like baking and I like Paris and like her clothes. However, everything is overpriced. And the girl of the year line needs diversity. But otherwise, I like her. PUMPKINS!!!! image I don’t know, this pumpkin was in my room and Addy looks cute. LETTING IT GO: image A Funko Pop mini Elsa!!!! SQUEE!!!!! image From the back!! I got her at Barnes and Noble. Sooooo adorable!!! AND UKULELES: image Okay, I know this has nothing to do with ukuleles, but I liked the way it sounded. Either way, this is my doll bakery!!! image Lucy is comandeering this part. image I made treats from clay and fabric. Here is a macaroon!!!! image Addy is nomming on some treats….. image Whilst Maggie plays cello!!!! (See, maybe it does relate to ukuleles. They both have strings.) And, AN ANNOUNCEMENT!!!! image

Yes, Dolls and Then Some is having a photostory series!!!! It is entitled “Best Friends and Fashion? Yes You Can!”. Check back soon for the first in the series!!! Well, that’s all, folks!!! See you next time!!! image


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