C is for Coachella, That’s Good Enough For Me

Ahhh, the Cookie Monster puns. Sesame Street was my childhood 🙂

So, some of you may know about Coachella, or similar summer music festivals.  You may also know that fashion is a huge part. As it is here at DATS 😀

Naturally, my dolls decided to dress a-la Coachella on a lazy summer’s day. Let’s do this!!!!


First up is Addy. She is wearing:
Hair: in a braid with a ribbon
Necklaces: my necklaces and one from Addy’s collection
Shirt: American Girl
Shorts: American Girl
Shoes: American Girl


And here’s Kaya!
Hair: pulled back half braid with hair wraps bobby pinned in
Necklace: one of mine
Bracelet: Emi-Jay hair and
Dress: Made by me
Shoes: American Girl
Socks: American Girl


Hair: Curled and pulled back in a ponytail with Addy’s kerchief
Necklaces: mine and from Saige’s collection
Dress: unknown brand
Bracelets: Emi-Jays
Shoes: American Girl


And finally, Lucy.
Hair: Pulled into two braids
Necklace: one of mine
Dress: Josefina’s old meet skirt with a ribbon at the waist
Shoes: American Girl

Well, I hope y’all enjoyed my foray into fashion! 😀 Stay hydrated!!!!



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