Upheaval, Heavy Instruments, and Dorky Outfits

It’s another one of my goofy update posts 🙂 school is less than a month away for the Dolls And Then Some crew!!! I know!!! Summer has flown!!

But you know what is also in less than a month?!?

That’s right, Dolls And Then Some’s One Year Blogoversary!!!!
Almost one year of my dolls and weirdness, and of course a birthday celebration must occur. Sooooo…..

Read the post and at the end you’ll see!!!

Upheaval: honestly I just like this word 🙂


I went to Nashville with my Dad and we went to the Nashville AG store!!! I didn’t get any pics there, it was super busy. But I got an AGP Nashville shirt and Grace’s Pjs!!! (Seen above) Kaya and I both love them soo soo so much!!! They are super cute!!!!


The fourth of July happened. And naturally my dolls celebrated. I myself went to a baseball game with fireworks with my parents!!!!


I made Addy a dress!!! She’ll share, of course

Heavy Instruments: it’s band season 😀 color guard woo!!!

Now, for the birthday.

We will be going princess to celebrate this!!! So check and see in a few weeks!!!

Stay glamorous!!!!



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