Introducing C.A. Cupid!!!!!

Yes, I am finally, FINALLY, FINALLY, the proud owner of an Ever After High doll. I’ve been a princess/skirts/pink kinda girl for a while, and when EAH was announced, I pored over the dolls and watched the online episodes like nobody’s business. I’ve been wanting one since day one. And at the top of my list from day one was Madeline Hatter…. Until C.A. Cupid was released. She was pink, and pink is my favorite color. So naturally she moved to spot numero uno.

Without further ado, the fun, pretty, and awesome to pose… Ms. C.A. Cupid!!! (Who is affectionately called “Cupie” around here. Gotta love the nicknames, eh?)

thing 1

Let me tell you, this doll line does NOT disappoint.The quality was smashing, the doll is beautiful and fun to pose… I’ve had way too much fun 😀

thing 2

I could have totally put all like 30 pictures I just took on here, but since I have a data limit I ought to watch out 🙂

BeFunky Collage2

Here is a preview of Cupie’s little room 😉 As you can tell, she’s sitting in a chair 🙂 and she has a bed and a trunk with her clothes and some rugs and a beside table (with a pic of her on it and some of her friends above it {I used box art for that}). You can also see the little picture of all of her Teen Vogue magazines, which are just little pictures I cut out of my Teen Vogues and stapled paper to. She’s fashion obsessed (I decided this)

BeFunky Collage

Speaking of fashion, here are some of the other clothes I made her. From left to right we have a sky blue halter dress paired with her meet belt, a striped halter dress, and a black/navy halter dress paired with her meet belt.

Loving this doll!!! Next up on the wishlist of EAH are:

1. Rosabella Beauty (Belle has always been my favorite Disney princess, so the daughter of Belle and the Beast is perfect)

2. Darling Charming (Um, have you read her story? Yay feminism! And even though I know Ashlynn Ella is the daughter of Cinderella, something about Darling reminds me of Cinderella. Maybe its all the blue.)

3. Alistair Wonderland (I want a boy doll, and while Dexter Charming is cute, Alistair is from Alice in Wonderland, and I’m a sucker for that stuff. Just saying.)

In the land of the big dollies, my dolls are fairing pretty well, if I do say so myself. I’m about to head off on a trip up north with Maggie. I’ll be sure to take pics, and maybe even share a few 🙂

In the land of life, I injured my knee (tag is dangerous, folks. So is being a camp counselor). It’s stopped bleeding and bruising, and swelling is decreasing, but it’s still a bit sore. But much better than it was. I also spent some time at school band camp. Pretty excited about the upcoming season, and I’m itching to craft a colorguard flag and rifle for my dolls. Colorguard runs deep, folks 🙂

Well, that’s it. Don’t forget, the one year blogoversary of Dolls and Then Some is coming up fast!!!!

Stay fab and love y’all,


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