Happy Holidays From Dolls And Then Some!!!

We hope everyone is having a great holiday season, whatever holidays you celebrate!!!! We’ve been having a lot of fun decorating for Christmas and getting excited about the new Star Wars movie, and we can’t wait to go see it!!!!!

But anyways, we wish a happy holidays from me,









The Christmas tree (of course),


And the entire crew!!!!!


Have a safe and happy holidays!

What they’re wearing:

Maggie: Addy’s BeForever meet dress with Addy’s classic meet shoes

Addy: Addy’s Sewing Set (which I got as an early present of sorts and LOVE LOVE LOVE!)

Kaya: Brocade Holiday Dress

Lucy: Unknown origin black dress and My Trendy Doll shoes

Where they are:

Set: the top of my doll cabinet

Chair: from an antique shop

Christmas tree: Shrinky Dinks kit

Presents: mini boxes, some wrapped

Love y’all bunches,

Shai ❤

Signature 2




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