Thoughts on New Releases :D

Hallo! Today I’m gonna share with y’all my opinions of Lea Clark, her collection, and other new items 😀
  1. Lea Doll and Book ( She’s pretty, but her name doesn’t seem to fit to me. She also looks, in my opinion, too much like McKenna, but I’m glad American Girl is at least semi-trying to branch out. But I mean, c’mon AG, is it really THAT HARD to make a GOTY that isn’t mostly white???
  2. Lea’s Accessories ( These are cute, but I wouldn’t pay $32 for them. The camera is SO CUTE (little squeal), though.
  3. Lea’s Rainforest House ( Woah! That’s huge, cool, overpriced, and kinda small considering…. Neat. But wouldn’t get it.
  4. Lea’s Rainforest Dreams Pajamas for Dolls ( These are the first of Lea’s collection I fell for at first sight. Maybe because I have a weakness for doll pjs. But that jumper would also be good day-wear! Love this!
  5. Lea’s Rainforest Hike Outfit ( This reminds me a lot of the old retired hiking set with the pink and yellow shirt (I have that set) but this one is actually pretty cool. Don’t hate it.
  6. Lea’s Rainforest Hike Accessories ( This is so cute! Although, I’d probably never use it with my dolls, personally, but it’s so cute!
  7. Lea’s Fruit Stand ( Too much like Kanani’s Shave Ice to me.
  8. Lea’s Mix and Match Swim Set ( Okay, I like this, neon and all 😀
  9. Lea’s Beach Accessories ( Cool but eh.
  10. Lea’s Ocean Kayak Set ( YAS LOVE THIS BECAUSE YASSSS
  11. Lea’s Bahia Outfit for Dolls ( Seems jumbled but okay.
  12. Girl Things: I have no opinions on clothes for the girls. But they are very cool 🙂
    1. Slippers (
    2. PJs (
    3. Messenger Bag (
    4. Dress (
  13. Stuffed Animals: Aw these are so cute! And for a good cause!
    1. Margay Cat (–cat-dgt34)
    2. Three-Toed Sloth (–toed-sloth-dgt35)
    3. Sea Turtle (–turtle-dgt36)
  1. Red Hearts Ruffle Outfit for Dolls ( This is so cute, especially for Valentine’s Day!
  2. Valentine Gift Set ( Aw so cute, I love the graphic ^_^
  3. Diabetes Care Kit for Dolls ( I’m so glad AG keeps adding things like this or the Hearing Aids or the Food Allergy Lunch Set to its repertoire of wheelchairs and crutches. Increasing visibility to all girls is important 🙂
  4. Arm Crutches for Dolls ( See above comment 🙂
  5. Coconut Plush (–plush-dkb17): Do you miss Coconut?? Then cuddle with this over-priced stuffed animal that only vaguely looks like him 😀
  6. SPECIAL EDITION MINIS: TOO MANY TO LINK AND I LOVE THESE. I kinda want them all but my faves are probably Addy, Samantha, and Kit.
  7. Old Minis!!!!: Can I just point out that on the AG page of “New Items” they have minis for Felicity, Molly, and Kirsten? And they look like new-style minis? Hmmm…..
  8. Craft Kits :D: Too many to link. I love crafts!
Okay, so I saw the new Melody book cover and I am BEYOND EXCITED. AG is introducing another non-white character! I love it! Her story also sounds intriguing and super cool. I can’t wait to see her collection 🙂 Her year, 1964, would line up well with the Civil Rights Movement. I am pumped!
All in all, pretty excited about the whole new stuff biz! Go 2016!
Love y’all,
Shai ❤
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