Princess Games (Part 1)

I got the Mattel live-action Cinderella doll for Christmas and so I’ve decided to do a photostory series called “The Princess Games” about how Cinderella finds her place among the little dolls.


Hallo one, hello all, my name is C.A. Cupid, or Cupie for short, and today is day one of…The Princess Games, in which Prince Nicholaus will choose a bride.

Let’s meet the “cast”, shall we?

First up, we have our lovely princesses, Princess Cindy in blue and Princess Elvira in pink!

Photo on 1-3-16 at 9.45 AM

Next, Prince Nicholaus himself!

Photo on 1-3-16 at 9.46 AM

Then we have the prince’s mother, Queen Maxine:

Photo on 1-3-16 at 9.46 AM #2

The prince’s little sisters, Princess Marie-Grace and Princess Cecile:

Photo on 1-3-16 at 9.46 AM #3

The maids, Molly, Lulu, and Carrie:

Photo on 1-3-16 at 9.47 AM

And the fairies! That’s Pinkie with the bow, Tylie with the red dress, and me, Cupie, with the pink hair.

Photo on 1-3-16 at 9.47 AM #2

Now on with the show!

We all sat calmly in the Throne Room of the palace. Queen Maxine was at her throne, Prince Nicholaus beside her, and us fairies in the corner.  We were awaiting the prince’s choices of a wife: Princess Cindy or Princess Elvira.

Photo on 1-3-16 at 2.06 PM

One of the maids, Carrie, came in and said to the queen, “The princesses are here, ma’am.”

“Let them in,” the queen replied kindly.

Photo on 1-3-16 at 2.06 PM #2

Princess Cindy came in first, and I saw the prince’s eyes light up. She was quite pretty, and kindly said hello to the queen.

Photo on 1-3-16 at 2.07 PM

Next came in Princess Elvira, who said hello to the queen in a nasally, posh voice while Princess Cindy stood by Prince Nicholaus.

Photo on 1-3-16 at 2.07 PM #2

When the princesses had both stood by the prince, Queen Maxine got off her throne and said, “Welcome, princesses, to our little castle! As y0u both know, within a few month’s time, Prince Nicholaus will select one of you to be his bride. You’ll have some help from our fairies, of course.”

Photo on 1-3-16 at 2.08 PM

I, as the head fairy, went to stand by them and said, “I am C.A. Cupid, the fairy of love here, but you may call me Cupie. My companions are Tylie, the fairy of beauty, and Pinkie, the fairy of life. You can come to us for help at any time.” I personally, though, did not want to help Princess Elvira at all. She had an unhealthy sneer.

Photo on 1-3-16 at 2.09 PM

Then she got up in my face and said, “I’m a princess, I don’t need any lousy fairies to help me!”

Photo on 1-3-16 at 2.09 PM #2

After she had stomped out, Princess Cindy apologized to the queen for Princess Elvira’s behavior.

“Don’t worry, my dear,” the queen replied.

Photo on 1-3-16 at 2.10 PM

I joined my fellow fairies and sighed. We had our work cut out for us.

Photo on 1-3-16 at 2.10 PM #2


Hope y’all thought that was cool!

Also, I’ve started a writing and book blog called Short Girl Writes! I’d love it if y’all checked it out! It has four posts so far! It’s at

Love y’all,

Shai ❤

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