What’s Been Up?

Hello, dear readers! Here at DATS, we’ve been a tad busy, what with the end of the school year, exams, and the beginning of summer vacation (and an annoying bout of allergies). But we’re here, and here to update you!!!

photo 1

Kaya is dressed (and packed) for a photostory idea I had. My only hint is that its working title is “The Vigilante Cellist”.

photo 2

photo 3

Maggie is also dressed for my idea 😀

photo 4

Complete with a fancy hairstyle!

photo 5

photo 2

Addy is, of course, cute as ever and a total princess.

photo 3

photo 1

Currently trying to figure out what to do about Lucy’s terrible hair 😦 Wig? Cute pixie cut/shorter bob? Suggestions/opinions?

photo 4photo 5

My live-action Mattel Cinderella is back in her rightful dress and so pretty. A little bit of doll organization occurred, and so she is back in her beautiful gown 😀

Well, that’s about it for happenings here. Hopefully I can kick off my photostory series and maybe do some crafts and hairstyles! Hope y’all are having a great summer!

xoxo, Shai



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