Throwback of Maggie

Maggie is my oldest doll, seeing as I got her in December of 2010. She’s been dragged about the country, to the grocery store, on trips…many a place. She’s even been to Hawaii! And, in honor of my oldest darling doll, I thought I’d show some old photos:

Chilling in the car:

Charleston Part One - 61

Just, ya know, at a hotel, on a casual vacay:

Charleston Part One - 10

Outside, exploring and being cute:

Updates, Y'all! - 6

Cheering on football teams with her best friend Addy!

13 - 1

Addy and Maggie as gymnasts:

Gymntastic!!! - 4

Hanging upside down, silly dolly!

Fall Photoshoot #1 - 29

I love Maggie dearly and I hope y’all like her too 🙂

❤ Shai


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