Why should you even think about reading Dolls and Then Some, by some random girl you don’t even know?

Well, get to know me.

My name is Shai Wilson. Okay, for the record, it’s actually Sheila Lee Wilson, but my friends call me Shai, and y’all are like my internet friends! I’m not a huge fan of the name Sheila so as soon as I could I threw it off in favor of a more glamorous name. I dream of being a movie star, having a life like the kind you see on Pinterest and in Teen Vogue, wearing more red lipstick, and for that reason Lana Del Ray is my muse. I have 2 younger brothers (who are twins -_-) and are terrors and obsessed with spider man. I myself am a teenager obsessed with Goodwill runs šŸ™‚



-Harry Potter

-writing stories


-Fall Out Boy, Linkin Park, and Panic! at the Disco




ā¤ Shai

Wanna contact me? I’m at dollsandthensome@gmail.com

Wanna guest post, send in some photos, or have a question? Email me!

I love emails!


Thank you for wanting to comment on my blog, but please don't post anything mean or offensive! Thanks!

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