Meet the Dolls!

photo 3

Name: Addy

When She Was Gotten: January 2013 (with some birthday/Christmas)

Type: American Girl Historical

Full Name: Aduke Walker

Age: 13

Birthday: April 9

Hobbies: Rhythmic gymnastics, being fashionable, reading

Favorite Color: Aqua

Best Friend: Maggie

Favorite Food: Frosty (from Wendy’s)

Favorite Movie: Princess Bride

Favorite Book: The Queen of Bright and Shiny Things

Favorite Disney Princess: Anna

Favorite TV Show: Say Yes to the Dress

Personality: Funny, a little bit judgmental, likes to be “proper”, a bit girly

What She Wants to be When She Grows Up: Olympic Rhythmic Gymnast

Favorite Band: Taylor Swift

Favorite Song: “Clean” by Taylor Swift

“When the butterflies turned to dust they covered my whole room”

photo 2

Name: Lucy

When She Was Gotten: May 2013 (from a thrift store)

Type: Our Generation

Full Name: Lucy Bella Trister

Age: 12

Birthday: May 15

Hobbies: Singing, listening to music, playing with animals

Favorite Color: Orange

Best Friend: Maggie and Addy (Maggie is her younger sister)

Favorite Food: Funfettti cake

Favorite Movie: Big Hero Six

Favorite Book: The Girl Who Circumnavigated the World in a Ship of her Own Making

Favorite Disney Princess: Mulan

Favorite TV Show: Cosmos

Personality: Quiet, kind, caring, a bit dazed

What She Wants to be When She Grows Up: Astrophysicist

Favorite Band: Cartel

Favorite Song: “Burn This City” by Cartel

“Let’s burn this city and run”

photo 1

Name: Maggie

When She Was Gotten: December 2010 (birthday/Christmas present)

Type: My American Girl doll

Full Name: Margaret Magdalene Trister

Age: 11

Birthday: October 31

Hobbies: Dancing, playing cello, telling lame jokes

Favorite Color: Hot pink

Best Friend: Addy (Lucy is her big sister {Maggie skipped a grade})

Favorite Food: Taffy

Favorite Movie: The Hundred Foot Journey

Favorite Book: Ask Again Later

Favorite Disney Princess: Snow White

Favorite TV Show: Gilmore Girls

Personality: Loud, outspoken, rather crazy, emotional

What She Wants to be When She Grows Up: Professional Ballerina

Favorite Band: Panic! at the Disco

Favorite Song: “When the Day Met the Night” by Panic! at the Disco”

“All was golden when the day met the night”


Name: Kaya

When She Was Gotten: April 2015 (bought with saved up money)

Type: American Girl Historical

Full Name: Kaya’aton’my

Age: 13

Birthday: November 22

Hobbies: Sewing, drawing, taking selfies, Instagramming

Favorite Color: Coral

Best Friend: Lucy (Kaya is an exchange student from France who lives with Lucy and Maggie, next door to Addy)

Favorite Food: Buttered popcorn

Favorite Movie: The Parent Trap

Favorite Book: Bad Magic

Favorite Disney Princess: Tiana

Favorite TV Show: Doctor Who

Personality: Professional, funny, calming, soothing

What She Wants to be When She Grows Up: Fashion Designer

Favorite Band: Starset

Favorite Song: “Halo” by Starset

“You make me more, you make me superhuman”

thing 1

Name: Cupie

When She Was Gotten: July 2015

Type: Ever After High C.A. Cupid

Full Name: C.A. Cupid

Age: 14

Birthday: February 17

Hobbies: Designing her own clothes, running her fashion blog, reading Teen Vogue, knitting

Favorite Color: Baby blue

Best Friend: Currently is a free agent, although has befriended the La Dee Da doll, Tylie, and she and Kaya share common interests

Favorite Food: Nutella

Favorite Movie: Clueless

Favorite Book: Gilda Joyce and the Ghost Sonata

Favorite Disney Princess: Elsa

Favorite TV Show: Supernatural

Personality: Sarcastic, goofy, energetic

What She Wants to be When She Grows Up: Fashion Designer

Favorite Band: Twenty One Pilots

Favorite Song: “Tear in my Heart” by Twenty One Pilots

“Sometimes you gotta bleed to know that you’re alive and have a soul”


Mini Marie-Grace, Cecile, and Molly

Lillian Vernon minis Abbey and Stacey

Barbies Brigit, Kathleen, Midge, Ginger, Natalie, and Cinderella

Pinkie Cooper Pinkie

La Dee Da Garden Party Tylie

Unknown Brand Baby Doll Molly


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